Taekwondo is a Korean martial art for self defence and training involves developing practisioners mentally and physically. Literally translated Taekwondo means the foot fist way or method. It uses nearly nearly every part of the body as a weapon in a self defence situation and the training involves practising kicks, punches, blocks and strikes. Self defence training also incorporates arm and wrist locks and knife defence.


It teaches practisioners self discipline, perseverance, indomitable spirit and to respect others whilst helping individuals to gain self confidence and self control.


The World Taekwondo Federation:

The World Taekwondo Federation was formed in 1973 and oversees competition Taekwondo often referred to as sport Taekwondo.


Due to the efforts of the WTF, Taekwondo is also now a full programme Olympic sport making it a very exciting martial art/sport suitable for people of all ages and abilities.




The Kukkiwon:

 The Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Headquarters situated in Seoul, South Korea and was formed in 1971. One of it's many functions is to issue Kukkiwon certificates  to students gaining Dan ranks for Black belt.


The Kukkiwon also holds instructor training courses and produces many instructional manuals, books and dvds.


The WTF only recognises black belt holders with Kukkiwon certification.

Norwich WTF

Norwich WTF was formed back in 1983 by Grand Master Kevin Jervis 8th Dan who at the time held the rank of 2nd Dan.


The club operated from The Crome Centre in Norwich and has changed location several times since then.


In particular, for several years the club was situated at The Civil Service Club in Wentworth Green before moving to the Lakenham sports and social club.


After the premises closed down we moved to our current location in Norwich.


The facilities we have are first class.


Our childrens classes are held locally in Norwich and we focus on developing social skills, confidence and self esteem as well as training in all other aspects of taekwondo.


Up until recently, the club was a full member of a Taekwondo England Ltd, a group headed up by former Olympian Mr Seelan Rengasamy.


Norwich WTF played an important role for Taekwondo England in its development of our art and sport in this country, as Master Jervis was the Technical Director for the association, heading up black belt grading examinations and also served as the National Poomsae (Technical) coach.


In September 2016 our group rejoined British Taekwondo, the only association in the country affiliated to the WTF.


Our instructors also travel extensively both here and abroad to ensure they are up to date with all the latest training techniques.


Master Jervis is also a Taekwondo Technical Editor for a Martial Arts magazine and has been writing articles for many years to promote WTF Taekwondo.


As a regular journalist he was also invited to attend the London 2012 Olympics where he was involved in interviewing most of the medalists from all the major sports.


The training at Norwich WTF covers all aspects of Taekwondo and students can expect a wide variety of disciplines to be included within their training syllabus including:

  • Sparring (Olympic style fighting)
  • Patterns (pre arranged sets of blocks, strikes and kicks)
  • Fitness and flexibility training
  • kicking drills
  • Self defence and knife defence training


Contact us to find out more. We are happy to discuss anything else you wish to know about our classes or the training.