Become a member

Free Introductory classes for new students 

Like the idea of our club and want to join us? Want to share the same hobby and make new friends? Simply give us a call or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to our club!


Trial sessions will involve being introduced to basic Taekwondo Training in a safe and controlled way.


Students wishing to join the club after the introductory class will be required to pay the yearly membership fee of £35, which includes membership with British Taekwondo and all of its benefits. This also covers individuals for insurance purposes.


Monthly training fees


These are paid by standing order on the first of each month. Banking details will be given once a member has indicated they wish to join.


The monthly fees for new members from 1st January 2018 are set out as below.


£35 a month


This covers all Monday and Thursday classes. 


However, new members who are only able to attend one of the days, such as only a Monday, can do so for £28 a month. This includes children 7-10 years of age who currently will only be permitted to train on a Thursday.


As can be seen by these figures, it is more economical to become a full member and attend both classes. 


 New members please note.

For all monthly plans, it is not possible to keep changing from a once a week to a twice a week plan etc and back again and can only be done with the approval of the instructor after request to do so with good reasons when you are unable to attend one of the days. Changes cannot be made in the summer months or the christmas break. I.e June, July, August and December. 


Any other changes to to the monthly fee are at the discresction of the instructor.