Chief Instructor: Grand Master Kevin Jervis 8th Dan

Grand Master Jervis began training in 1972 under the guidance of Master Young Woo Kuon 6th Dan, who was one of the first Koreans to bring Taekwondo to the United Kingdom. During his fighting career GM Jervis was twice British Champion in Olympic style WTF competition. He also defeated 9 other british champions and an Olympic bronze medallist who was also world silver medalist and he has also beaten a European medalist. He was a member of the 1988 Olympic squad narrowly missing out on being selected for the final team. He retired from fighting in 1991 but went on to represent Great Britain at the WTF Poomsae (Technical Championships) after taking the gold medal at the nationals in Liverpool. He has also served as vice chairman of the BTCB Poomsae Committee and served as a member of the disciplinary committee. He was promoted to Black Belt 7th Dan by Grandmaster Park Soo Nam 9th Dan in September 2008. Grandmaster Park Soo Nam was vice president of the WTF at that time. He is also a Taekwondo technical editor for a martial arts magazine and has been writting articles in various magazines for many years. He has interviewed and cover storied several world and Olympic players and had media accreditation for the London Olympics which gave him access to all sports and all venues at the Games, interviewing many Olympic gold medalists from all over the world.

He was also the  Technical Director of Taekwondo England and also the National Poomsae (Technical) Coach and as a result traveled all over the country teaching Taekwondo to members of all ranks. In 2015 he travelled to Itally and passed a Kukkiwon International Instructors course and a few weeks later in Vienna, passd a kukkiwon Dan grade examiners course.

In June 2016, Grand Master Jervis was successful in grading for 8th Dan at the Kukkiwon in Korea. The test involved the submission of a CV, a 38 page thesis on the development of taekwondo techniques, a physical test on the floor in front of 3 Korean 9th dans and an interviw with the Kukkiwon President.

Senior club members/Instructors

Master Paul Charlish 5th Dan
Andrew Chrysafi 4th Dan
Adam Want 2nd Dan
Helen Timlin 3nd Dan
Daniel Jervis 1st Dan
Harrison Jervis 2nd Poom
Gareth Davies 2nd Dan
James Milner 1st Dan
Hannah Newman 1st Dan