World Taekwondo Norwich

Our classes are held locally in Norwich and in respect of our younger members we focus on developing social skills, confidence, and self- esteem as well as training in all other aspects of Taekwondo.


Our classes are open to people from the age of 7 years old and above. You are never too old to train and we have members 60 years old and above still training and enjoying themselves in our very friendly, helpful atmosphere.  


We are a member of British Taekwondo, the only association in the country affiliated to World Taekwondo.


Our instructors travel extensively both here and abroad to ensure they are up to date with all the latest training techniques.


The training at World Taekwondo Norwich covers all aspects of Taekwondo and students can expect a wide variety of disciplines to be included within their training syllabus including:

  • Sparring (Olympic style fighting)
  • Patterns (pre- arranged sets of blocks, strikes and kicks)
  • Fitness, strength, and flexibility training
  • Kicking drills
  • Self defence, including take downs, wrist and arm locks, and knife defence training

Students practise Taekwondo for many reasons, many to just get fit, to learn how to defend themselves or to build self- confidence.  


However, for those who wish to be involved in competitive Taekwondo we do all we can to assist them, with regular competition training in both Kyrugi (Olympic style fighting) or Poomsae (Patterns).


Regular competitions in both these disciplines are held all over the country, both at novice level right up to international level giving students many opportunities to test their ability against the country’s finest and win medals for the club.